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Discover the Best Activities in Des Moines for a Memorable Day

Discover the Best Activities in Des Moines for a Memorable Day

What to Do in Des Moines Today

1. Explore the Des Moines Art Center

Immerse yourself in beauty and culture at the Des Moines Art Center. Discover exceptional collections of modern and contemporary art, as well as stunning sculptures and installations. The center also hosts various exhibits and events throughout the year.

2. Discover the Pappajohn Sculpture Park

Take a stroll through the Pappajohn Sculpture Park and admire the impressive outdoor art installations. This 4.4-acre park showcases a collection of renowned sculptures by artists such as Jaume Plensa and Louise Bourgeois.

3. Visit the Historic Salisbury House

Step back in time and explore the elegant Salisbury House, a Tudor-style mansion filled with historic artifacts and art from the 16th to the 20th century. Take a guided tour to learn about the rich history and architectural beauty of this impressive estate.

4. Enjoy the Nature at Gray’s Lake Park

Escape the bustling city and relax in the serenity of Gray’s Lake Park. Take a leisurely walk around the lake, rent a paddleboat or canoe, or have a picnic in the designated areas. The park also offers beautiful views of the downtown skyline.

5. Experience Science at the Science Center of Iowa

Engage in hands-on learning and exploration at the Science Center of Iowa. Discover interactive exhibits, participate in educational programs, and catch a show at the IMAX theater. Perfect for visitors of all ages who have a curious mind.


Q: Where can I find more information about upcoming events in Des Moines?

A: You can visit the official tourism website of Des Moines or check with local event calendars, such as the Des Moines Register or event listing websites like Eventbrite, to stay updated on the latest events in the city.

Q: Are there any outdoor activities in Des Moines?

A: Absolutely! Des Moines offers a variety of outdoor activities, including parks, hiking trails, and biking paths. You can explore places like Raccoon River Park, Jester Park, or the High Trestle Trail for outdoor adventures.

Q: Can I find any live music venues or theaters in Des Moines?

A: Yes, Des Moines has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. You can enjoy live performances at venues like the Hoyt Sherman Place, Wells Fargo Arena, or Wooly’s. There are also numerous theaters and music festivals throughout the year.

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